Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

These two trains are making the highest revenue for the Railways Know how

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India report said, ‘All categories of train services were in deficit in 2016-17, except for AC three-tire and AC chair car services which recovered their operating costs and Earn profits.

The CAG has stated in its report that air-conditioned chair car service has emerged as the only profitable service of the Indian Railways in addition to the traditional beneficial AC three-tire category. GAG has justified the introduction of AC chair car trains such as Vande Bharat Express and Tejas Express which do not have sleeper class services.

Let us tell you that India’s first private train Tejas Express has earned a total of Rs 3.70 crores in October, while the train has made a total profit of Rs 70 lakhs. According to the data released by IRCTC, the train was run between Delhi and Lucknow from 5 to 28 October i.e. 21 days.

During this, the project cost about 14 lakh rupees on the train. At the same time, passengers earned Rs 17.5 lakhs / day. Let me tell you that IRCTC operates Tejas train. Indian Railways has a new plan for private train – Railways aim to develop 150 world class railway stations and run 150 private passenger trains in the country.

>> The central government has taken the initiative to speed up these works by forming a special task force of secretaries only last month. The first meeting of this task force has not taken place yet

The Comptroller and Auditor General said in its report tabled in Parliament on Monday, “All categories of train services remained in deficit in 2016-17, except for AC three-tire and AC chair car services which extracted their operating costs and earned profits. .

Significantly, many information has come out in the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General regarding the Indian Railways. In the report, the operating ratio of the railway was recorded as 98.44 percent in the financial year 2017-18, which is the worst in the last 10 years. This operating ratio in railways means that the Railways spent Rs 98.44 to earn 100 rupees.

According to the report, the main reason for Indian Railways operating rtio to be 98.44 percent in FY 2017-18 is 10.29 percent of higher growth rate as compared to 7.63 percent operating expenses last year. The CAG report recommends that the railways should take measures to increase internal revenue so as to prevent dependence on gross and additional budgetary resources. At the same time, quoting the CAG report, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has launched a big attack on the Modi government. He has said that the BJP (BJP) government has put the Indian Railways in a bad state and now it will start the exercise to sell it. Priyanka tweeted and said, ‘Indian Railways is the lifeline of the country. Now the BJP government has put the Indian Railways in the worst condition.