Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

Amazon brought this new service to deal with the problem of fake brand goods

In Europe, Japan and the US, about 7 thousand brands have been enrolled under Project Zero. A lot of companies from India also participated in it.

Amazon has brought a new project to improve customer service. Amazon announced this on Tuesday. Its name is ‘Project Zero’. Under Project Zero, an additional proactive mechanism and powerful tool will be adopted so that fake people can be removed from this Amazon platform.

About 7 thousand brands in Europe, Japan and US have enrolled under this project. A lot of companies from India also participated in it. Amazon’s Worldwide Customer Trust and Partner Support Vice President Dharmesh M Mehta said, “With this launch, we are very excited to see many brands in India. In this, small, medium and large-scale multi national brands are connected so that fake people can be excluded.

Project Zero connects with Amazon’s advanced technology and innovation. Which makes it easy for brands to find out which is fake and which is real. Three tools are used for this – Automated Projection, Self Service Counterfeit Removal Tool and Product Serialization. He said, “We have been working on Project Zero for a long time so that customers can get reliable items while shopping on Amazon.”

A unique code is given in product serialization that any brand adopts in its manufacturing and packaging process. By scanning it, Amazon personally checks the reliability of the product.